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Crittall Windows London – Alternatives

Crittall Windows are a historic brand of steel framed windows that carry a weight of prestige and quality. However to help our customers save money we do not sell Crittall frames, we use steel/aluminium frame windows & doors that in our experience rival the quality and aesthetic of genuine Crittall frames.  Trendy and versatile, the strong, slim-profile frames of Steel Windows tap into the current trend for all things industrial. Notting Hill Glass have seen a surge in the popularity of Aluminium and steel based Doors through our customers and social media.  Steel-framed grid-like doors have the ability to completely transform a room; not just by giving it a cool, contemporary style, but also by opening up a space and letting in more light. Our Metal doors allow you to cleverly partition your property to create dynamic areas with different energies and styles, without compromising on light or space. Contact us for a Free Quote 07415 370608.

Why Not Crittall Doors? Aluminium Doors & Frames 

Of course we are not advising you to overlook Crittall frames – the original manufacturer of steel frames and windows but in our experience our customers have been very satisfied with non Crittall door alternatives. Our Aluminium and steel doors are great for internal partitions. Small London Bathrooms and wet rooms can really benefit from a creative partition. We can install a Steel framed window with enhanced acoustics properties which allows greater privacy & reduced noise transferrance. Free Steel Frame Quote 07415 370608.

Steel Framed Shower Partition

The beauty of Steel or aluminium Frames is their versatility and durability.
Some of our customers have commissioned Aluminium Shower Frames for their style and practicality. Others have opted for Steel Framed shower partitions but both work really well in a modern home.

Crittall Frames vs Cheaper Steel Frame Alternatives

The leading brand in steel frame doors and windows (Crittall) generally comes with a higher price than Notting Hill Glass. Crittall Windows and doors do provide an astounding level of quality but we use only the highest quality materials to build our aluminium and steel framed windows and doors. We don’t charge for a named brand. This creates considerable savings for our customers

To give an example it’s like shopping in a higher priced department store vs looking online for a high quality but much more affordable product. Our customers can attest to the quality and value of our Steel & Aluminium Framed Windows & Doors.

We provide durable materials of the highest quality, but Notting Hill Glass can typically offer Genuine Steel & Aluminium frames at a price MUCH lower than our competitors. Ask us for a free Metal frame Quote 07415 370608.


Crittal Doors London Glazier

Metal Frame Doors FAQ

Where to buy Steel Frames London?

Notting Hill Glass supplies top quality durable Steel Frame Windows. We supply in and around the London area. Just ask us for a free glazing Quote.


Do Non Crittall Windows and Doors have the same Quality?

Crittall Windows & Door frames are the brand leaders for a reason. They are extremely high quality. However our metal window frames and doors are built with some of the highest quality materials available. Our customers are 100% satisfied with the service we provide and we’re sure you will be to.

Do Metal Frames suit London homes?

The steel Frames are usually seen in Art Deco and Modernist style homes but they suit a variety of properties. Ask us to see how a Steel Frame window can improve your space.

Crittall Frame vs alternative Steel Frame Maintenance?

Double Glazed and thermal efficient these doors are very practical for modern life. Just keep the metal hinges lubricated and the steel frames clean and they will be a great investment. Most Modern Aluminium and steel framed designs will not rust.

Repair & Restore Metal Frames?

Many older Steel and aluminium frames installed in the Thirties, are still in use today. If you happen to still have originals, Notting Hill Glass provides Crittall Door Restoration & can restore them on site with minimal disruption.

We provide everything from basic adjustments for smoother openings, to full Crittall Frame Maintenance and refurbishment.

Crittal Door Steel Partition London

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Emergency Call Outs

We are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will arrive at your property within the hour to board up or replace glass immediately.

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